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The Apple Laptop Family Affair

Apple’s laptop family constitute the mac pro, mac mini, macbook, macbook pro, macbook air and the imac. In normal circumstances, the computer is manufactured by one company and all the software that run on it including the operating system is built by another. Mac laptop’s come with one of the world’s most advanced operating system and is built by the same company that build the software that run on it. This allows the macs to function with amazing efficiency, with extremely rare occurrence of a crash or malfunction.

The latest leopard operating system will be made available in a few months from now. Like all it’s predecessors, it is designed on a unix base and with security in mind. It is important to note that no virus has been written for it yet. This implies that the mac is as secure as it gets. The new snow leopard operating system makes the transition from 32-bit computing to 64-bit. All other system programs are also now 64-bit which means that they can completely leverage the memory of the mac’s enhancing the speed and efficiency. Equipped with the latest Intel multicore processors and other engineering designs, the new mac is an amazing gadget. The new grand central dispatch feature of snow leopard allows it to fully exploit the multicore processor design. With this feature, the thread technology is handled by the operating system and not by the individual applications, thereby allowing the optimum distribution of processing to all the cores.

Mac comes with hundreds of drivers built into it and hence connects easily to a digital camera, a wireless device, or any external drive. All macs come with a built-in wifi capability and identify any wireless networks available. It just requires the user to connect into the network and browse the web. It also includes ichat software which allows for a four way video chat and presentation. Mac has a great software update mechanism in place and notifies the user of any updates available for it’s software.

OpenCL is another groundbreaking feature incorporated into the snow Leopard. It optimizes the power of graphic processors and distributes it for general computing. This means that the graphic processors will no longer be limited to graphic applications alone. Opencl stands for open computing language and is a c based programming language familiar to programmers, who can simply use xcode developer tools to adapt their programs to work with opencl. Another feature in the media and entertainment space is the quick time x application. This program uses the cutting edge technology that will take the audio and video experience in mac operating system x snow leopard to a whole new level. It builds on the technologies like core audio, core video and core animation to provide for superior playback and higher quality.

Using snow leopard, the users now get out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Entering the email address and password does the job. And, instead of using applications like email, calendar invitations and global address lists, mac users can take advantage of mail, ical and address book as they are shipped with the Mac itself.

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