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Happy New Year – 2010

Now, the technological age has begun. In the past few years technology has taken a major leap.

Nowerdays a lots of home improvement gadgets have made life simpler and easier. Such as the Automatic washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, LCD TV, Plasma, High defination HD TV, laptops, netbooks, digital camera, microwave ovens and of course refrigerator.  Laptops and computers are no longer a geek thing only. Internet, games and other applications have made them a must have.

Each of us have some beautiful memories of life which everyone wants to preserve. Digital camera is a must have to instantly capture the beautiful moments.Microwave ovens are a great time saver in satisfying our taste buds. Just set the time and meal will be ready exactly by that time. To preserve food, apart from microwaves, refrigerators are a must have.There are other must have gadgets in the market like remote controlled wireless keys locator that finds your keys with press of a button and a clear alarm from your key fob wil ring. Robotic vacuum cleaner and robotic floor washer can clean upto 850 square feets on a single battery charge. Nowerdays, there are smart furnitures, space savers, voice activated digital daily use gadgets like voice activated digital alarm clock and photo frames, wireless devices, high tech laser tools and so on, the list goes on.

Technology keeps improving with time. Technicians have developed robots that can help us in many of our day to day tasks. Recently, scientists have built a robot that can run on vertical walls or surfaces and also on the cieling at a rate of six centimetres a second.There were first simple mobiles that we can talk with or send sms. Then came multimedia mobiles with the features to play music, games, capture pictures, bluetooth etc.Then, came the smart phones and finally, the touchphones. And, iphone is the best technological marvel. It is fast, launches applications, games, internet, videos etc. quickly. Its a very powerful touch sensitivity mobile computer with added voice control features. It a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen ipod, and a breakthrough internet device. The iphone may drive many of the existing smart phones and touch phones to extinction.Ibm-PC drove many other computer design architectures into extinction in just a few years after its release on August 12, 1981. All other earlier systems were not only expensive but also expensive to use. At that time the new IBM-PC was able to run important software packages of that time such as the spreadsheet program, lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft flight simulator and other by directly accessing the IBM-PC’s hardware bypassing the BIOS. In a short time, it was an object of desire of that time just like the iphone is today.

Some of the latest technology are mentioned below.
Philips have developed a LED bulb that uses 1/6 electricity as compared to an incandescand bulb and lasts 25 times more than it. The smart thermostat is a little device with a screen with audio capabilities, which, using wireless technology, let you know how much electricity or gas your household gadgets are using and how muc its costing you. It can also turn appliances on and off.

Other examples are controller free gaming that allows a gamer to play games with just his physical actions. No mouse, no keybord, joystick etc. are required. The solar shingle may replace the regular shingle as it comes with added benefit of producing electricity for your home. Apart from the above an electric eye, yikebike, vertical farming (an architectural wonder), bladeless fan, the electric car (NISSAN), universal unicycle, wooden bones, X-ray Vision, foldable speakers, Speech to text and text to speech or speech recognition softwares which can type whatever wesay on a computer mic, 3D photo capturing camera, supersuit and many more.The reaseach never ends and the technology keeps progressing. So, the human life keeps becoming more simpler and better.

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